How to Configure and use Teamviewer

What is Teamviewer?

TeamViewer is a tool for simple and fast remote control sessions, desktop sharing and file transfer with a partner computer anywhere on the Internet.

Minimum Hardware

Windows 95 and up
700 MHz or better processor
2GB of available disk space
256MB of memory (RAM)

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TeamViewer QuickSupport
Adjustable password complexity
Exchange of chat messages
Automatic reconnect after remote reboot and update

Installation of Teamviewer

Versions of Teamviewer are also available for Mac, Linux,Iphone, Ipad and Android devices.

Teamviewer can be fully installed or executed without installation.(Qucik Support) This is an application in form of a single executable file. You can run this application without any installation and without the need for Windows administrator rights. Quick Support is typically used by the customer or person requiring help.

The full installation of Teamviewer and Quick Support have the same interface and use the same amount of memory.

Installing the full version with the advanced box check gives three more options. Access control, the option to install Teamviewer Virtual Private Network and the option to choose the install location.

Choose Enviorment

Here you will select whether you use TeamViewer in a commercial environment (support, presentations, home office, desktop sharing with coworkers) or in a personal environment (connections to friends or relatives or to your own computer).The commercial license has seven day trail period. After the trial period you can buy the business package(749.00), the premium package(1499.00) or the corporate package(2690.00).

Choose installation type

If no(attended) is chosen outgoing and incoming connections are possible. For incoming connections you need to start Teamviewer and tell your partner the passowrd which changes with every start of Teamviewer.
If yes (unattended) is selected you will be prompted to set a predifined password and this computer will be available with Teamviewer even before the Windows logon.

Access control

Access control allows you to configure the actions which the TeamViewer user on the remote control side carries out during a session after a connection has been established.
Full access: You can directly control the remote computer. Actions such as file transfer can also be carried out instantly
Confirm all: Your partner has to confirm all TeamViewer actions. Meaning, you can view the partner's desktop only after his/her has granted you access.

The following are security setting on the remote computer to restrict access.

Each time the partner tries to access any of the host functions, the host has to grant access.

Install Teamviewer VPN

Choose drive location

Installation complete

How to use Teamviewer

Connect to a partner computer.
To connect to a partner's computer you will need their Teamviewer's ID and Password. Type the ID in the Partners Id slot and click connect to partner.

When prompted for the password enter the password given from the partner.

If the ID and password are entered correctly, access is granted to the partner.
Under the Actions tab the user can switch sides, lock computer, remote reboot and disable remote input.
View is video options.
Audio\Video- Voice over Ip(enables the partners to talk to eachother), My video(video chat), chat(instant message), Conference call( a number is given to call, .05 cents per minute).
File transfer enables the partners to transfer files to eachother.
Extras: Record(records the whole desktop) Remote update(Updates the partners computer with the latest version of teamviewer.)


Under extras tab is a options menu.


Your display name Enter your (company) name here. This text is displayed in the title bar of the remote control window and in the Chat window on the partner side. While you are logged into your TeamViewer account, the display name of your account is used instead.
Start TeamViewer with Windows TeamViewer starts automatically with Windows so that it is executed directly after the start of Windows and before the Windows logon.


Password(unattended access)
When you enter a password in the Password field, it can be used as an alternative to the automatically generated session password to access your computer.

Remote Control

Automatic quality selection,Optimize quality,Optimize speed (default setting - an attempt is made to reach the best speed, depending on the available bandwidth)


Quality setting. Password setting. Allow Partner to interact.

My Computer's

Offline partners in separate group Organizes all offline partners in one group.
Notify me of incoming messages Informs you with a short message when you have received a message from a partner.
Notify me when partners sign in Informs you when a partner has signed in to his TeamViewer account.
Show partner list on startup Shows the partner list besides the main screen when you start TeamViewer

Custom Invitation

The Custom invitation category provides you with the ability to invite your business partner quickly and by e-mail to a remote control session or presentation.


Select Languages. Clear blocked accounts. When to check for a new version of Teamviewer. Disable Teamviewer shutdown by partner. Hide online status. Enable logging.




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